Shoutout to the Horse Moms

For each and every one of us that have been involved in the horse world long term, we not only have our paternal mother…but also several ‘adopted’mothers that push us to be our best, but yet brush off our scraped knee once we have fallen. I am so lucky to have several adopted moms that I truly care about and am thankful that they have taken me under their trustworthy wings. This week, I have compiled a list of moms that we can all relate to in different eras of our horse careers.


1. The Cheerleader

Most of us started our horse experience at a young age, learning to ride in a lesson program environment with several kids our own age. My favorites always happened to be the summer camps, where our parents pawned us off as a win-win situation for not only having a good show and tell to come back to school with in the fall, but also glorified babysitting. But there were always a few horse crazy kids that caught the bug at camp and continued their horse loving journey through weekly riding lessons during the school year. Generally, we started out in private lessons until we could be trusted out in public per say, before we earned a coveted spot on our favorite lesson horse with new found friends that shared the same interest. In this environment, our moms sat outside gossiping during lessons and learning more about you than you ever knew. But, when you took your first fall off a horse, each and every one of them rushed to your aid and monitored your progress afterwards on your journey to regain your confidence. These are the moms that encouraged you, bobbed their heads in unison with the horse waiting for your first lope, and dusted you off and sat you back in the saddle.


2. The Coaches

Some moms may have rode as part of their childhood and encouraged you to do the same, or some simply went along with their child’s new interest and supported their learning endeavors. Whichever the case, by the time you had enough lessons and experience under your belt to be ready enough for your first horse show, so had the moms that patiently watched along the rail during every lesson. They’d whistle from the rail letting you know you were on the correct diagonal or on the right lead, polish your boots and let down the horses tail just before entering the ring, and whoop at the top of their lungs even if you were just a reserve placing. The beauty of these extra coaches were that you were always prepared, and never just had one mom cheering you on.

 mom 4

3. The Role Model

After you’ve had your fun taking lesson upon lesson, you finally find your niche in the equine world. More times than none, you find it through someone in which you look up to. Along my path, there have been many niches but one of my favorites has been sorting. If you are really lucky as I have been, your adopted mother not only provides you with the tools needed to achieve goals, but helps them become your own tools as well. These are the moms that you meet at a time that you can have fun with both inside and outside of the horse world and that you will be close with from here on out.

Mom 2

4. The Matriarch

When it is all said and done, you finally find someone that combines all of the mom roles into one, and beyond. This is the mom that you not only want to be like, but also want to be close with. This is the mom that you tell more to than your own, often spend more time with, and becomes the one that completes you as you’re growing up.

Mom 3


Just as in this blog post, your moms start related in the horse world and often ends up preparing you for the real one. With this in mind, I continue to thank my ‘blood’ mom that she allowed me to live this horse crazy life, as I feel like it plays the biggest role in shaping who I have become today. So now, take a second and thank your second moms for all they have done for you, and all that they will continue to do for you as often times they go unnoticed. This is the beauty of not only the horse world, but also the ag world. We understand what it takes to get through, whether it be a roof over our head, livestock in our pastures, or money in our pockets, but most importantly who you surround yourself with to achieve great things.