It All Began As An Intern

For those of you who know me well, I seem to disappear for a couple weeks….a couple times a year. Too busy to visit Facebook often, defer phonecalls, late night text replies….often makes my friends wonder what it is I am up too. The truth is, I have been having an affair with my home life, and work on the road from time to time. To answer your questions, you will find me in Oklahoma City.


Two summers ago, I applied for an internship position with the National Reining Horse Association for their annual Derby show. Long hours of putting together show packets, sore feet from running scorecards, the classical papercuts, and exhaustion from working show start to end, all day everyday remained my status. In fact, I even share my Thanksgiving holiday with my reining family during the Futurity.


But enough with the negatives, as an intern we all know that is a part of what we sign up for. Luckily, the benefits outweigh the headaches. Truth is, I am lucky enough to now be able to work two of the largest reining shows in the world. I am surrounded by high dollar horse flesh, the trainers and stallions that have proven themselves as the backbone of reining, and the opportunity to get to know them.


Now, I am in charge of making sure that all scorecards that are marked in the coliseum are correct, and posted correctly. A half point difference making an incorrect score is sometimes all it takes to keep someone out of the running for finals.


On my rounds, I often times find myself interacting with the competitors. The superstars of the reining world are normal people just like you and I. They don’t always win, they are not always perfect, and are quite humble. Not only are they a face of the sport, but they also remain as an example in which most handle quite well.


I know that I promised a different blog subject…but, I am in fact away at the Futurity and have not had the time to give to the subject as I’d like. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! See you all back in Missouri!


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