Take a Walk In My Shoes at Missouri State

As part of a class project this week, my instructor in Public Relations in Ag gave us the assignment to make a promotional video regarding Missouri State or Agriculture. After brainstorming for a few minutes trying to come up with a topic or video that wouldn’t be too cheesy, we agreed to talk about some of our experiences at Missouri State, because after all that’s why we all knew each other anyways. Below is our link to the YouTube video that we published. Now, keep in mind that this is a very rough draft, we only had an hour to complete the assignment, our props are home made and our budget is far below slim to none. 🙂

After creating this video, it made me think about why exactly I did choose Missouri State. What have I learned? What unique experiences have I had? How else would I have met some of the awesome friends I have made? Although, choosing the next path in your education is never easy, so often we forget about what we choose with it as well.

The courses I have taken at Missouri State have been beyond helpful. My favorites continue to be the Equine Science classes as I am a horse person inside and out, but I can’t say I have really not liked a course….other than Chemistry or Missouri Government but I feel as if that is self explanatory. I have been fortunate enough to pick a field of study in which I am passionate about and MSU has the facilities to satisfy educational endeavors. The Journagen Ranch keeps the largest purebred cattle herd of any in the United States, and this semester I have been lucky enough to work hands on in prepping the facility and the cattle for the upcoming production sale.

Journagen Bull

In addition, the school also maintains an indoor arena, several head of horses for school riding team practices, stallions for collection and semen labs, and broodmares for spring foals. Although a real job gets in the way of being active on a school team, they offer a Western Horsemanship IHSA team, a Huntseat IHSA team, a Ranch Horse team, and a NRHA Judging team.

Blog at MSU

But at the end of the day, school is still a headache. One of the most important things that keeps me going are the friends and the connections I have made. Together, we teach each other study aids outside of the classroom, keep one another up to date in case someone can’t always make it to class, use each other’s accounts for printing, and borrow books so you don’t have to buy them. These are everyday occurrences for us in the ag department, but in the long run it comes down to not what you know, but you who you know. One day after we graduate, we will keep in touch and cross each others paths in the industry, helping one another out like we have already done.



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