3 Horse Boarding Tips

Working in a horse barn, we often find ourselves dealing with individuals new to horses…thus also new to boarding. Here a few rules that are great for any new boarder to bear in mind!



  1. Clean Up Communal Spaces: Horse-boarding facilities are primarily communal spaces. Thus, when using these spaces, be respectful and clean up promptly after yourself so as to be a good community member.
  2. Pay Bills On Time: Getting behind on payments to your boarding facility can put your animal’s livelihood in jeopardy. Thus, always keep current on your bills.
  3. Ask Permission: Just because the spaces inside the boarding facility are communal does not necessarily mean everything in the space is also shared. Always ask before giving your horse any feed or using any grooming supplies, so as not to wrongfully take things belonging to others.

Are you looking for a place to board your horse? J Bar T Ranch offers quality horse boarding facilities, to keep your animal safe and comfortable.

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